Original Fine Art Prints showing at Freefall

Fine Art Prints from the series Sentience are on show and for purchase at Freefall in Utrecht, the Netherlands. From July till September 2020.

Art . Performance . Music - Petersburg Art Space Event





The August edition of the Peterburg & Friends on the 4th of August 2018, will host 2 artists and 3 music acts. As one of the artists showing her work, Natalja Heybroek will be exhibiting the 6 limited edition prints (see below).

Art Viewing - Limited Edition Prints





View the abstract artwork of Natalja Heybroek, a conceptual artist from the Netherlands. She will be showing for the first time, six limited edition prints of her abstract work at the unique location of Philip Beesley Architect's studio on Sterling Road in Toronto. The six pieces are print photographs on matted paper, of the original two-metre square semi-sculpural painting series. These high quality 60 x 60 cm limited edition prints are for sale and out of 10. Everybody is welcome to drop by for a viewing and drink.

Original Fine Art Prints





High quality limited edition prints are now available of these 6 large abstract paintings from the series Sentience. This first edition is out of 10 per painting. Descriptions of the paintings can be found under Artwork.


Size 60 x 60 cm

Framing Advise and optional framing in The Netherlands

Delivery Postal delivery worldwide.


Please get in Contact to enquire about purchasing.

Todays Art: Voltage Performance & Iris van Herpen Exhibition





Bergkerk Exhibition Opening - 15 November 2016

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