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A Stillness

Taken with an old Linhof film camera, these portraits were taken in my previous studio. You need precision and technique to use the Linhof, which means that for each shot, everything slows down and the time that is needed is taken. 

The photographer, Sven Zovoorts, would first observe the light, finding the right spot to tell the story. Sitting or standing very still, I would feel my body slowing sinking into the position, and a sense of honesty would rise in the stillness. This created a mood of quietness and seriousness. And after measuring the light, he would then disappear under the dark cloak behind the camera, adjust the settings and expectantly find a moment to capture.

We spent the afternoon both inside and outside my studio. And we talked about what the studio meant to me and I reflected on how I was feeling. By sitting or standing still for some time, it naturally allowed me to turn inwards and the tough couple of years I’d been having rose to the surface, where they could present themselves.

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