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Visual Arts Centre | Toronto Canada | 2024

Blitz Gallery - Unseen | Toronto Canada | 2023

Red Head Gallery | Toronto Canada | 2022

Beaver Hall Gallery - Obscure Milieu | Toronto Canada | 2022

Literary Museum & UN Peace Ambassador - Space Within Us | Samara | 2022

The Holy Art - Nemesis | London | 2021

Heimat | Virtual Exhibition | 2021

Abell Gallery - Shadow to Light | Toronto Canada | 2021

Freefall | Utrecht Netherlands | 2020

Petersburg Art Space | Berlin Germany | 2018

Philip Beesley Architect Studio Gallery - Art Viewing | Toronto Canada | 2018

Todays Art - Metabolic | Bergkerk Netherlands | 2016

Iris van Herpen Couture Show - Voltage | Paris France | 2013

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Exhibiting 'Sapience' at Visual Arts Centre

Our Juried Art Exhibition at the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington returns this winter, bringing together a collection of artwork from a growing circle of creators. The artists’ exciting contributions suspend us in varied states of joy and otherworldly tension—they inspire new horizons for artmaking in Southern Ontario. 

Group Exhibition at Blitz Gallery

Explore the unseen narratives, emotions, and ideas that these artists bring to life through their work. This carefully curated collection brings together diverse artistic voices, each contributing to a vibrant tapestry of creativity.

Art exhibition - UNSEEN Blitz Gallery
Group Exhibition at Red Head Gallery

"This microcosm is a clear embodiment of the diversity in which artists are approaching their practices in today’s age."

A group show at Red Head Gallery, 17 artists curated by James Hewitt, Director of The Run Gallery, and Kyle Matuzewiski, Co-Director of Bau-Xi Gallery.

Red Head Art Gallery Toronto
Boomer Gallery Publication

Featured in London's Boomer Gallery publication with Veritas Lux Mea. 

Boomer Gallery.jpg
Obscure Milieu at Hall Gallery

This exploratory exhibition looks at the cultural disruption that is occurring as cities have become the primary environment for humans, and how this affects our identity. 

Beaver Hall Art Gallery Exhibition
The Holy Art Presents Nemesis

Presenting the art exhibition Nemesis, The Holy Art is a London based gallery, curating virtual and physical art exhibitions in the UK and abroad. 

The Holy Art Gallery Exhibition
Shadow to Light Exhibition

Shadow to Light is a contemporary art exhibit that portrays a glimpse of the enriching creative journey adopted by artists in Toronto. For a shadow to be present there must be light and this show reflects the poetic nature of the continuous tangling and detangling of the artistic journey.

Shadow to Light.jpg
Renewal in Circular Conversations Publication

Looking at art from the perspective of cultural, social, and systems change, Circular Conversations covers Renewal from the series Sentience. 

Circular Conversations Artwork Publication
Original Fine Art Prints Showing at Freefall

Fine Art Prints from the series Sentience are on show and for purchase at Freefall in Utrecht, the Netherlands. From July till September 2020.

Petersburg Art Space Event





The August edition of the Peterburg & Friends on the 4th of August 2018 will host 2 artists and 3 music acts. As one of the artists showing her work, Natalja Heybroek will be exhibiting her series Sentience.

Art Viewing - Limited Edition Prints





View the abstract artwork of Natalja Heybroek, a contemorary artist from the Netherlands. She'll be showing six fine art prints of her series Sentience at the unique location of Philip Beesley Architect's studio in Toronto.

Philip Beesley Studio Exhibition
Purchase Original Fine Art Prints





High quality fine art prints are now available of these 6 large abstract paintings from the series Sentience. This first edition is out of 10 per painting. Descriptions of the original 2 by 2 metre paintings can be found under Artwork.


Size 60 x 60 cm

Framing Advice and optional framing in The Netherlands

Delivery Postal delivery worldwide.


Please get in Contact to enquire about purchasing.

Todays Art: Voltage Performance & Iris van Herpen Exhibition





Bergkerk Exhibition Opening - 15 November 2016

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