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Emergent Clarity

Acrylic on canvas | Four panels each 92 x 61 cm | 2023

There is trust in the process of discovering new ideas in the ever moving depths of vast knowledge. Each one of us searches the undercurrents of thought to bring insights to the surface. It is human nature to look, find and create a divine order to explain the complex world around us.


Acrylic, metal, lapis lazuli and gold on canvas | 170 x 70 cm | 2021

The mind transitions, morphing between states of consciousness. Like metamorphic rock, which remains in a solid state while it gradually recrystallizes, the mind shifts within from fully awake to deep sleep.


Originally derived from the metamorphic rock lapis lazuli, ultramarine blue is the core colour used throughout this painting. The highlights in this piece of real lapis lazuli and gold, bring to the surface what was once transforming deep within the earth.


This commissioned artwork is in the home of a private collector in Amsterdam, hanging between artwork by Pablo Picasso, Damien Hirst, Herman Brood and Karel Appel. It hangs in a bedroom, viewed from the bed as it entices ethereal and spellbinding dreams.