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Exploring philosophy of the mind is at the core of Natalja Heybroek's contemporary artwork. Using organic forms, her abstract art is an inquiry into human perception. It deeply questions how we perceive the world, studying the subjective experience.


Revealing unusual shapes and the capabilities of materials, the unexpected intrigue in the detailed organic forms has a tendency to connect with the viewer on an experiential level.

The backbone is each deliberate elemental concept on which the art is forged. Examining subjects such as the senses, human emotion, the natural sciences, personal beliefs, cultural influence, and the fluid nature of life. As a result, shared understandings surface, human experience is interpreted and personal insights are expressed.

The autodidact artist, with a degree in economics, is based in Toronto and has many influences of place throughout her life. Her expressive nature derives from her upbringing in the international and imaginative environment of the Findhorn Foundation Community in rural Scotland; while being raised by creative Dutch parents.


With roots in Amsterdam, art runs thick in her family history, with a poet for a father, a great uncle who is the architect Cuypers - creator of the Rijksmuseum, and her great grandparents were neighbours and friends with the Van Gogh family.



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