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Nature merges with man-made for Obscure Milieu exhibition

These surreal dreamscapes by Natalja Heybroek fuse our desire for wilderness together with man-made form. What makes natural environments ideal for the human psyche, according to Environmental Psychology, are the elements of unity, legibility, complexity, and mystery. These works of art incorporate these elements, in search of hypnotic lightness.

Veritas Lux Mea

Floating artworks fossilised in epoxy

The unending pursuit of truth is the topic progressing throughout this 7 part floating artwork series; Veritas Lux Mea meaning ‘the truth is my light’ in Latin. The nature of the word ‘truth’ implies a universality, yet upon reflection what comes to light is that each person’s truth is deeply personal. What every individual believes and holds close to them during their life, becomes their unique evolving perspective. And as consciousness develops in humans and time perpetually moves on, truth never stands in one place.


Large abstract paintings with sculptural elements

Humans are sentient beings, with the capacity to have feelings, as well as the power to perceive, reason, and think. A subjective phenomenon refering to the depth of awareness that a living being possesses of themselves and their environment. Sentience is the ability to experience sensations such as pleasure and comfort, or pain and suffering. The tendency is to view humans as having a full range and depth of sentience, however, it's undoubtedly possible that some animals might have properties of sentience that people don’t, and vice versa.


Triptych made of manipulated acrylics

Introspection invokes the inward reflection of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and perceptions. Searching within for the finer details and examining what they mean can lead to a deeper understanding of one’s own identity. Considered a source of knowledge, introspection has been a subject of philosophical discussion for thousands of years.