A mixed media series of 6 large abstract paintings with sculptural elements

Humans are sentient beings, with the capacity to have feelings, as well as the power to perceive, reason, and think. A subjective phenomenon referring to the depth of awareness that a living being possesses of themselves and their environment. Sentience is the ability to experience sensations such as pleasure and comfort, or pain and suffering. The tendency is to view humans as having a full range and depth of sentience, however, it's undoubtedly possible that some animals might have properties of sentience that people don’t, and vice versa.

Original Fine Art Prints

High quality fine are prints are available of the Sentience series.

Each art print is numbered out of 10 per painting.

They are 60 x 60 cm, with worldwide delivery. 


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Sensing Nostalgia

Oil paint an mixed media on canvas | 2 x 2 metres

This sculptural painting provides strong sentiment, as an interpretation of nostalgia. Every person has their own relationship with identified feelings, but at its essence nostalgia is a sense of comfort stemming from the past, which has the ability to envelop. This highly specific feeling engages memory, recognition, comfort and longing, its complexity driving the query whether humans are the only living beings with the capacity to feel it. A nuanced feeling which can change over time, nostalgia provides a fond recognition with the capacity to inhabit a person from softness through to darkness.

Elements of Patience

Acrylic paint on canvas | 2 x 2 metres

This semi-translucent painting consists of more than 30 layers, producing a liquid like constitution and an endless depth. It stirs up a sense of soft and moving serenity while the shape provides composure. Although a circle is not often found in nature, when it is, it’s associated with the profound. Additionally, blue is the colour which was given it’s name last in many cultures, due its absence in nature. It is most dominantly found back in the sky and the sea, both of which are vast. These combined elements create the opportunity to reflect on what it means to become lost in the calm of life.


Mixed media on canvas | 2 x 2 metres

The spine creates a sculptural element in this painting and is made with gold wire. Whereas the liquid gold which seeps away from it is made from a gold powder mix. Gold currently represents higher value in many cultures and is held in high regard. This is mirrored in the work to connect with the concept of Eudaimonia, an old Greek word translated as ‘human flourishing’. Also considered a moral philosophy, it defines well-being as having essential value and etymologically it consists of the words "eu" meaning "good" and "daimōn" meaning "spirit". Aspiration for the highest human good is embedded in this piece, and by depicting this, a balancing act is revealed between the desire for perfection and the awareness that what makes us human is our ability to make mistakes. This can be seen in the burst of expressive energy in the piece.


Mixed media on canvas | 2 x 2 metres

Finely splintered metal shards and a glossy coat gives this sculptural painting its otherworldly look. The colour green here symbolises growth, as the painting signifies a sense of renewal and presents the budding new ways of being, as the former fades with a gradation into the new. The impressions of what is new are experienced with mounting clarity, as are the top layers of the painting. A person evolves throughout their lifetime, emotionally and in the choices they make. Even every cell in the human body entirely renews every 7 years. Renewal is centred in the lifecycle of every species. Each human, animal, and plant is born and dies and through its reproduction determines its emerging continuation. An overarching and ongoing extension, beyond the individual lifetime alone.

Underneath It All

Mixed media on canvas | 2 x 2 metres

This sculptural painting uses layers, glass and shimmering interference paint to highlight how the same object can look very different depending on the angle of the light. This represents the unique and complex emotional construct and patterns that each person has. These many overlapping emotional layers in a person only present themselves in different combinations and fragments, depending on the external input at any given time. Diving into the unanswerable by questioning how transparent a person can be when it’s not possible to feel or express everything at once, this work touches on the age old philosophical question “Who am I?”.

Birds of a Feather

Mixed media on canvas | 2 x 2 metres

This work is primarily made of contorted molten metal, each piece taking its organic shape from the cool water it was poured into. The symmetry of the piece plays with the eye, as although the pleasing idea of symmetry is present, each metal shape is unique which creates slight differences. This reflects that people are naturally drawn to what they know to be familiar, yet no two people are exactly alike. The name of the piece comes from the English saying “birds of a feather flock together”, which means people of the same sort or that share a common interest will be found together. This idea becomes an invitation to consider to what extent two people’s experiences are similar. Or if any two organisms are ever exactly the same.