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Humans are sentient beings, with the capacity to have feelings, as well as the power to perceive, reason, and think. A subjective phenomenon referring to the depth of awareness that a living being possesses of themselves and their environment. Sentience is the ability to experience sensations such as pleasure and comfort, or pain and suffering. The tendency is to view humans as having a full range and depth of sentience, however, it's undoubtedly possible that some animals might have properties of sentience that people don’t, and vice versa.

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Sensing Nostalgia

Oil paint and mixed media on canvas | 2 x 2 metres | 2015

This sculptural painting provides strong sentiment, as an interpretation of nostalgia. Every person has their own relationship with identified feelings, but at its essence nostalgia is a sense of comfort stemming from the past, which has the ability to envelop. This highly specific feeling engages memory, recognition, comfort and longing, its complexity driving the query whether humans are the only living beings with the capacity to feel it. A nuanced feeling which can change over time, nostalgia provides a fond recognition with the capacity to inhabit a person from softness through to darkness.