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Familiar Snake

Connecting to the emotional body feels fluid, captivating and personal. Snaking through the body, the experience of one moment rolls into the next, a different experience, and another possibly recognizable emotion. Are experiences and feelings swayed by the language that’s been created to describe them?

It’s a daily practice to acknowledge the presence of deeply embodied emotions. Finding them, drawing a path to them again, and again. A movement between feeling close to each experience and interaction, and then taking distance away from these life riches. This movement, like a breath.

Expressing the inner and familiar snake of experience, embodying here life’s shine as well as shadow. The earth, the wind and the sea are wildly present on the tips of my senses at James Turrell’s installation Celestial Vault near the beach, strongly inviting me to be present, for a conscious elevating activation.

Dress: Zyanya Keizer
Lens: Mark Marlon
Location: James Turrell’s Celestial Vault


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