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New York, New York

The iconic city that draws you in down those endless straight roads. It released into me an edgy freedom of anonymity and the potential for endless escapism.

I felt the exhilaration of the cities pulse, what’s been, what’s happening and what could be. Deciding where to go became a whirlwind of impulse.

Hungry to see everything from Brooklyn, Harlem, Manhattan, to the Bronx, together with my partner, we approached it all with a travelers curiosity and openness. Diving into the different worlds one city has to offer, we soaked up every variety of being we could find and touch upon.

Heading over to Williamsburg, we discovered the industrial bridge with vast views over the water and elegant designers with their boutique shops. Our visit to the Village offered up its charming fire escapes and left us with remnants of the beat generation, chasing the tail. Our visit to 125th street gave us distant views of endless roads and the sweet smells of perfume sold on the street. Finding little Italy brough us up North, where we enjoyed delicious food and kept an ear open for that New York accent we know all too well from the movies.

The photos taken on this striking visit were taken with a 1985 Ricoh FF-70 autofocus compact 35mm analog camera, given to me by a traveler I met once who stayed on my couch many years ago.

The unusual photo of me dancing in the streets is picture of my impromptu New York performance. Taken at a favourite spot in the city, the meeting of Myrtle and Broadway.

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